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Q.1  What is the charge for engraving on TROPHIES/MEMENTOES?
Ans. We have done our best to keep our engraving costs reasonable so at this time we are still including all engraving costs in our product price. Moving the business has helped us in the overhead department, but charging for engraving goes to equipment wear and tear and maintenance, so we fear that at some point thi on the plate, and we work with it to make it look good. Yes, you can include the child's name at no additional cost!
Acrylics Include up to about 20 words of engraving, depending on the size of the item, with additional words at a reasonable EXTRA CHARGE. We are generally not sticklers about this - we include a "reasonable" amount of engraving on each item depending on size, and only charge if we feel the wording is excessive for the piece. There is no charge for our design and artistic flourishes. For more acrylic choices, keep an eye on OUR site as we transition our product over there, or look at this link.
Cups We do not engrave on the cup itself, but we do engrave a plate on the base. This is included in the price.
Engrave-only items If all you need are plates, or plastic engraving, industrial engraving, or signage, these items are charged individually and there is a setup charge as well as a piece charge depending on the size and material. Talk to us about this!
Q.2  Can I get my logo on my plaque?
Ans. Yes! We have many corporate logos on file through a clipart service we subscribe to, but unfortunately not all. Therefore we need to digitize your logo for our equipment and the cost depends on the complexity as well as the quality of file you give us. If we get a black and white, high resolution (300 dpi or better) file it makes our job much easier. In most cases your logo DESIGNING charge will be a one-time. The charge depends on the complexity of the logo and the time it takes to make it engrave-ready. But there is no additional charge, no matter how many times you use it! And this does not count toward the chargeable word count on plaques or acrylics.
Q.3  What is your turnaround time?
Ans. Anywhere from 1-5 days, depending on whether we have the item and parts in stock or where we need to bring it in from. We have suppliers that are local as well as 1-2 days away. The important thing to us is that we are able to meet your schedule.
Q.4  What is the Artwork Requirements (Logos and Custom Design Images) ?
A JPG/JPEG/BMP FILE that you give NEEDS TO BE CONVERTED INTO a vector or CDR file for that extra charge shall apply.
We reserve the right to make slight alterations in artwork, text and logos in order to adapt to engraving process. Submitted artwork and logos is assumed to be to be in fill compliance with trademark and copyright laws.
Q.5  Can u design a trophy as per our logo or as per our exact requirement?
Ans. We specializes in customizing your requirement and with our creative team we shall be designing the exact trophy as required and we can cut the acrylic/wood/metal and mould it as per your design/logo.
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